Thursday, May 12, 2011

Word Book

This is a Word book that I started in January of 2010. I started it for my Niece Ariana's Graduation in 2011. It looks like I made just in the nick of time. With Graduation just weeks away, I just have to bind it together....
I've been ask why I chose Black and White. I thought it would be 2 colors that would be elegant, however I always come up with cute. I love black and white together and have 2 different paper stackers of all black and white.
I special ordered the word book with her name, Ariana, then I wanted to use a descriptive word that started with each letter of her name. There are many different Cricut Cartridges used and every brand of embellishments I could come up with to finish each page. I hope you enjoy it.
Back of Heart & A
Back of A & R
Back of R

Back of I

Back of A

Back of N


Crayola58 said...

Deb, I have seen you put together the most awesome calendars, and now this wonderful word book is just fantastic. Now, with your Gypsy, you can make your own word book. I am so glad you have the Gypsy. Hope your weekend is wonderful.

Kris L said...

I've seen this in person and the photos really do not do it justice as it's so hard to photgraph all of the layers/dimension. It is something she will cherish from her favorite Aunt FOREVER. Hugs...Kris